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New Treated Wood Requirements: Cox Moves “Wides” to Ground Contact Only

March 29, 2016
Posted By: COXINDUSTRIES-kharris News
COX_Residential_DkGreen_LtGreenMarch 29, 2016EFFECTIVE APRIL 1ST ALL 2X8, 2X10 AND 2X12 MATERIAL WILL BE SOLD ONLY IN GROUND CONTACT RETENTION.Recently the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) has approved modifications to their use category system. The changes address the exact uses of pressure treated lumber in above ground and ground contact applications. As a result of these changes, on or about July 15th, 2016 the wood treating industry will be mandated to change retention levels of certain product lines going forward. These use category changes will also affect building codes as they reference the AWPA system for proper use of treated building materials.In light of these changes, Cox Industries will move away from above ground retentions on 2” x 8” (nominal) and wider dimensions, to ground contact retentions only, effective April 1, 2016. Orders for “above ground” 2×8 and wider material, placed before April 1st, will be accepted. After April 1st only ground contact retention will be available on these products.While several producers across the South have already begun to make the move to carry only ground contact retentions on all products, Cox feels this move to be somewhat rash and over reactive in nature and is not warranted on many decking and related products in use today. Our current chemical formulations have performed superbly over more than a decade and continue to provide excellent results when used in the proper applications. Based on our own data and supporting documentation, Cox is finalizing the details of a new “Premium Warranty Program” for our dealers to ensure that any concerns are clearly addressed moving forward. This program is a first in the industry and offers both the consumer and the retailer a comprehensive warranty that not only covers materials, but will now offer coverage of both labor and fasteners as well.Please contact us (customerservice@coxwood.com) or your account manager if you have any questions or concerns.Here are few resources to help you and your customer understand the new requirements: New AWPA Standards Above Ground Uses Ground Contact Uses Making the Right Choice